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Membership Application

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Note: Effective 4/15/2014, Garrett Planning Network year 1 pricing for new members will change. New year 1 pricing will be an initial fee of $5000 plus 11 recurring $500/month payments. After year 1, pricing will revert to the current renewal schedule, which is $200/month payments.

Please follow these steps to apply for membership in the Garrett Planning Network:

1. Click on the “Subscribe” button below to submit payment. Note: Initial fee is fully refundable if application for membership is not approved.

Garrett Membership Fee -Initial Fee of $5000 plus recurring $200/month payments thereafter

2. Click here to fill out and electronically sign the Garrett application. (Click here to view a read-only copy).

Once your initial fee payment has been received and once your application has been reviewed (normally within 1 business day) and approved, it will be signed and you will receive an email with a PDF attachment of the signed contract for your records. Finally, you will receive a “Welcome” email from Justin Nichols, welcoming you as the newest member of the Garrett Planning Network!

If you have any questions about the application process please contact Justin Nichols:

Email: Justin@GarrettPlanning.com
Phone: 913-268-1500, Ext. 101