Will Duncan

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“With the hourly as-needed planning model, I am able to offer my services to many clients that would not otherwise be able to access a true fiduciary relationship.”


Will Duncan grew up in Oklahoma, but has lived in the Las Vegas area for over 15 years and has worked in the casino industry for over 12 years. While working full-time, he pursued and obtained a bachelor’s degree in accounting and went on to complete the financial planning program through Boston University’s Center for Professional Education. Will is now the founder of Duncan Financial Planning, LLC, a Fee-Only financial planning firm located in Las Vegas, Nevada.


We recently interviewed Will regarding his experiences as a Fee-Only financial planner and Garrett member since September 2009.


Why did you decide to offer planning services on an hourly as-needed basis and why did you decide to join the Network?


I was studying accounting in college and began to explore possible career paths. During this exploration, I read about financial planning and came across a survey about job satisfaction. Financial planning was at the top of the list and seemed to be a perfect fit for me. As I explored further, I read about Fee-Only financial planning and loved the concept. As I delved into research of Fee-Only financial planning, the Garrett Planning Network came up as a result of a Google search. I spent about an hour on the website and knew that I was home. After completing my degree, the financial planning program and passing the CFP® Certification Exam, I did additional research and found that no other organization had a business model comparable to what Garrett Planning offers. With the hourly as-needed planning model, I am able to offer my services to many clients that would not otherwise be able to access a true fiduciary relationship.


What are the top 3 reasons that you remain a member of the Garrett Planning Network today?


  1. The people. The members of the Network are incredibly generous with their time, talent and skills. This, of course, includes Sheryl and her team and the fabulous coaches.
  2. The mission of the Network very closely aligns to my own.
  3. The near-religious experience of the Garrett Planning Network Retreats. The Retreats are packed with information and help to re-energize me. I’m looking forward to Denver 2012!


Looking back, what is the one thing you wish you had done sooner in your business building activities?


I am now developing solid professional relationships in the community. However, I feel that I’m behind the curve because I did not pursue this more aggressively when I first opened the business.


Do you have staff or outsource anything?


I have hired an answering service with receptionists that are specifically trained to be able to take appointments and answer simple questions about my company. The next step is to hire a virtual assistant. I expect to do that before the end of this year.


What are your current business challenges and how are you overcoming them?


I believe that I share many of the same business challenges as other Garrett members. I need to do everything that I can to market intelligently and promote an efficient process which will allow me to increase my billable hours and to spend more time in front of the clients. I am very fortunate that a good number of my fellow Network members have joined me in a study group / task force, which is creating workable solutions to some of these challenges.


In Will’s down time, he enjoys working in the yard, playing the piano, avidly reading and hanging out with friends and his partner of 14 years.