You don’t need to be wealthy to access competent, objective financial advice!

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April 1st is was April Fools’ day, but being able to access competent, objective financial advice is no joke! Every day, members of the Garrett Planning Network provide truly useful financial advice, not cleverly disguised sales pitches, to people from all walks of lives. And who couldn’t use a little bit of competent, objective financial advice from time to time?

Hourly-based pricing

Garrett Planning Network members are bona fide financial planners who tailor services to your specific needs and circumstances. You pay for advice based on the amount of time involved. Services and costs are always agreed on in advance providing you with simple transparency.

To help minimize potential conflicts of interest all Network members are “fee-only,” which means the only compensation these financial planners ever receive comes from clients, no commissions, no referral fees. Garrett planners work solely for and always in the best interests of their clients.

Truly accessible

With affordable advice and over 300 Network members across the United States, anyone can find and hire an actual financial advisor. No financial planners located near you? Many Garrett planners provide long-distance advice by telephone, email, and virtual meetings on-line. Good financial advice often pays for itself many times over, and cost or geography should not prevent anyone from accessing such advice.

You don’t have to be rich

No one will be turned away simply because they’re just getting started, have limited income or net worth, or don’t wish to turn over their portfolio to an advisor to manage. Garrett Planning Network advisors proudly focus on providing services to people from all walks of life. You really don’t need to be wealthy to find an accessible, competent, objective financial advisor!